The Shop Dog... Kale

I am a dog person.  Cats... not so much.  I have always had dogs.  2 years ago our family adopted a sad faced black border collie / labrador (Borador for short) from a local rescue.  He came to us with the name "Boots".  Being as I am not much of a cat person I especially am not fond of dogs being given cat names... like "Boots".  

My first dog that I was "gifted" (don't ask) during college I aptly named "Guinness" after the beer.  This was a manly name.  So obviously the name "Boots" had to go.  I am outnumbered in our house 2 girls to me (and the new male dog who unfortunately is a non-voting member).  

So the ever important task of naming my soon to be shop dog was upon us.  I was excited for the possibilities.  Maybe Edison?  Tesla?  Volt?  All cool names if you ask me and very fitting for the shop dog of a lighting guy.  Yet, after very little deliberation and input from yours truly the name for our new dog was Kale.  Yes.. Kale, like the leafy green.  Black dog named after a leafy green you ask?  Don't get me started.  You see our family was on a bit of a vegan eating kick and I will leave it at that.  My wife and daughter loved the name Kale.  I did not.  So we compromised and his name is Kale.  

Kale is the CFL of Lucent Lampworks.  Its a pretty sweet gig for him.  Free room and board and meals, full dental, full healthcare, plus unlimited vacation days.  Being the Chief Face Licker (CFL) of my company does require some work.  He is the client greeter, tennis ball dropper and morale booster.  I say its win win for all.  

Kale the Borador

Kale the Borador